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Lamartine’s House,

at Milly-Lamartine

(30 m from the restaurant)

The House of Lamartine, in Milly-Lamartine

Built in 1705 by Alphonse de Lamartine’s great-grandfather, initially to serve as a ” grape harvesting house ” on the wine estate, it is in this house that the poet lived his entire childhood and adolescence. This family home to which he was very attached inspired some of his most beautiful poems. It is now classified in the ISMH. A space for books and documents evoking the poet’s childhood Lamartine, his sources of literary inspiration and the wine industry.

Château de Saint-Point

House of Alphonse de Lamartine

(16 km from the restaurant)

House of Alphone de Lamartine

Saint-Point, a 12th and 14th century castle that Alphonse de Lamartine’s father acquired in 1801, became the poet’s family home in 1820.
Alphonse of Lamartine received the castle in advance of his inheritance, at the time of his marriage to an English aristocrat, Mary-Ann Birch, and undertook to restore it in the Anglo-Saxon Gothic style, discovered during a trip to England.

The Rock of Solutré

(at 10 km)

The Rock of Solutré

A must-see view not to be missed. The Solutrérock peaks at 493 meters, and is enthroned in the middle of the vineyards of the Mâconnais. The cliffs of Solutré-Pouilly, Vergissonand the Mont Pouilly are part of the top sites of France. The climb up the rock takes 45 minutes round trip. You can also discover the Museum of prehistory, archaeological and botanical garden, House of the Great Site to complete the visit.

Cluny and its abbey

(at 13 km)

Cluny and its abbey

Independent and powerful. William the Pious founded the abbeyin 910, directly under the protection of Rome.
Its abbot has a role of mediator between the political powers and the pope. Cluny is the parent institution of 1,400 dependencies. Sold as national property in 1798, the abbey was dismantled and its church almost destroyed.
You can also discover the stud farm ofCluny, with its two hundred year old buildings next to the famous abbey of Cluny, it is an “unmissable” which delights young and old thanks to the many activities that are organized throughout the year.

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restaurant terrace milly lamartine

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« Between bistro and gastro », is composed as much as possible of seasonal products , coming from local producers . An approach that enhances this village steeped in history and typical of the Mâconnais.

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